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Why You Need An Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents or injuries can cause ongoing health issues and hefty medical fees. If the incident wasn't your fault, you may want to learn your legal rights in this type of situation. Many people who've been hurt have sought out help from an attorney and received monetary compensation to help them pay their bills. Although we aren't qualified to give legal help, we can offer information. As you read this blog, you'll find many resources and articles about accident and personal injury attorneys and how they can help you. You'll learn why you shouldn't bear this burden on your own when legal assistance is available.


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What Should You Take Pictures Of If You Are Injured During A Motorcycle Accident?

Pictures may be worth thousands of words, but in an auto accident claim, they can be worth everything to your claim, especially after a motorcycle accident. Whether you are capable of taking pictures or you have to get help from a bystander or an attending officer, it is imperative that you get pictures of the accident scene. Here is a look at some of the things you should get pictures of if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. 

Get pictures of the motorcycle on the roadway from multiple angles.

Naturally, you will have to get pictures of the motorcycle on the road from multiple angles after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. You will want to show in your pictures: 

  • The location of the bike compared to the other vehicle 
  • The damage done to the bike during the crash 
  • The markings from the collision on the body of the bike 
  • The position the bike landed in after it stopped moving 

These images can be valuable evidence in your motorcycle accident claim. For example, the position of the bike can help prove that you were hit from a certain angle by the other driver. 

Get pictures of marks on your helmet and clothing after the accident. 

One thing that is easy to forget to take pictures of is the marks that are left on your helmet or clothing after a motorcycle accident. These markings can show different things. For example, if you were thrown from your bike during the collision and went skidding down the road, marks along the side of your helmet can show how far you skidded. This may seem unimportant to you, but it can help to prove just how hard you were hit and potentially how fast the other driver was going when they hit you. Likewise, it can help if you get pictures of the markings on your body. 

Get pictures of the other driver's vehicle immediately. 

One way to prove that your motorcycle was actually hit by a vehicle is to make sure you get pictures of the vehicle that hit you. Grabbing these pictures can show a judge that the vehicle did hit you or your bike, approximately how hard the impact was, and how much damage could have been done on your part. Even if there are only a few dents and dings, make sure you or a bystander gets some pictures of the other vehicle. 

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